My first biggest fear, is that there’s not too much that I fear.

My second biggest fear, is failing in front of those who want to see me fail.

My third biggest fear, is to journey my entire lifetime intoxicated by what’s possible, only to end at the top of a 2 foot ladder. 

I MUST matter and freely impact lives in the areas of ultimatcy.

It was like performing a military belly crawl over broken glass for miles. Fear was surging through Antonio’s entire being, as anxiety quickly began to soar.

Antonio’s big powerful courageous heart was being exploited by a weird and rare overwhelming feeling of regret.

Antonio immediately attempted to unlock his willpower for a breakthrough in the moment to no avail. The bottom-line, was the fear which was emerging in a hurry seemed unsurpassed in power and was strong beyond Antonio’s wildest imagination.

When suddenly the silence was disrupted at the last minute.

The little distance between the two seemed miles long. 

As Antonio made his way to his disappointed father, who was very displeased about the D Antonio received on his report card.

 His voice shaking, “yes sir”, Antonio answered.

“Come a little closer”, his father said while motioning with his finger.

Antonio’s father removed his glasses from his face, as Antonio braced himself cringing, completely unsettled on the inside.

Have you ever found yourself unsettled in life?

Ever noticed how majority of all successful people who became great, graced our world with their existence, and left their creative contribution to society sketched upon the canvas of our world, merged out of seemingly insurmountable challenges and situations which should have left them bankrupt by life?



Picture this, you are living your life’s calling, and experiencing life on a scale beyond your wildest imagination.  Achievement seems to be on autopilot for you.

Let me guess, you’re just like Antonio Easter – like most people who dare to answer their call to higher ground, to see and experience life from scenery that nearly everyone else spends their entire life wishing for but never getting to experience.

Antonio Easter knows the feeling.  The feeling of knowing you’re meant for so much more than what you’re living.

Contrary to what most assume upon seeing Antonio Easter for the first time.  Antonio was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

In fact, Antonio was dealt a hand of challenges at eleven years young. 

At the onset of the most critical time in his life, when he needed a male role model most, Antonio found himself fatherless …